Winter in New England goes on far too long, so I for one was eagerly awaiting some spring blooms.

Here are some springtime treats for you (I found these in Nobscout Reservation in Sudbury, early May)

Fiddlehead Ferns
The trails are absolutely lush with these beauties in spring. I have heard they are delicious to eat, but I am yet to try some. Have you tried feasting on these yet?

Red Maple Flowers
These deciduous trees are pretty widespread in North America. The flowers are so pretty!
Flatweed/ Cat’s ear
I love the bright yellow popping around in the ground! Apparently, this plant is edible too, and has anti-oxidant properties ( I really need to start foraging for food during my hikes…)

That is all for this post, stay tuned for more posts on the wonders of the woods!