Location of hike : Nobscot Reservation, Sudbury MA

I used to think that season changes are gradual, but ever since I started paying attention, it seems to me that Mother Nature is quite brisk in changing appearances.
One week you go hiking, the forest is just showing slight signs of waking up, sparse delicate green sprouting here and there, and still kind of quiet. Just a week later, you go on the same trail and it is showing off a multitude of colors and sounds...bright widespread green, wildflowers all around, frogs croaking, birds chirping .
Here are some of the cool wildflowers I saw , in late April/ early May:
Amelanchier leavis (Smooth Sadbush)
This is a member of the rose family, and fast-growing but short lived. Makes perfect sense, I saw these titillating signs of Spring on top of Tippling Rock in late April, and a week later, they were gone. ( Even more of a reason to keep visiting nature, you never know what you will find)
Potentilla neumanniana (Spring Cinquefoil)
Also from the Rose family…seems like I walked in the land of roses!
Viola sororia (Common blue violet)
Another edible plant, it can be added to salads (Have you tried adding wildflowers in your salads? I would love to hear about it!)
Caltha palustris ( Marsh-marigold/ kingcup)
What’s up buttercup?
This is a member of the buttercup family. Parts of the plant are used medicinally, but handling the plant can cause skin irritation (I will stay away)

That is all for now, I will keep you posted on other cool plants I see on the trail!