Location : Royalston, MA

Royalston Falls is part of the Tully Trail, a 23 mile loop in MA with lots of scenic pit stops. ( Mount Tully is another great one of those, post on that coming soon)

I did this hike in February on a nice sunny day, and the semi frozen waterfalls definitely provided a treat for my sore eyes.

Waterfalls in winter have their own icy glamour, and this is one you can visit in an hour or so, if you live in Eastern MA. The area also has some other waterfalls (Spirit falls, Doane falls) which I have heard great things about.

The walk to the waterfalls from the trail head is just a little over a mile, and starts off as just a normal walk in the woods. There is a cute little shelter and bridge after about 0.8 mile,

Bridge and shelter

and the rest of the trail follows a river, and has a few other small waterfalls on the way.

Frozen river

I lost gps signals for a little part (when getting closer to the falls), but the trail has enough markers on it, so you should be fine. One good idea when hiking in the woods is to always keep sight of at least one trail marker, and start back tracking your steps via the last marker, in case you reach a point where you can’t figure out the trail.

Make sure to wear microspikes on your shoes if you go in winter, since the ground next to the falls is particularly slippery (and kind of scary, or should I say thrilling…)

Royalston Falls

Here is a recording of my hike on alltrails :


I imagine this would be a nice spot to visit in summer too. Let me know your experience, if you have been here in the melted waterfall season!