Weir Hill Reservation, another sweet little place for a quick escape into nature, is located in North Andover, MA. It is a trail network having a bunch of options to make your hike longer or shorter.

We started with the small climb up to Weir Hill (about 300ft), which definitely got out hearts pumping and thumping. The rest of the walk was easy-breezy and gentle, with a lot of nice views.

There are some vistas right after the hill :

The trail also goes around Lake Cochichewick, which makes for a peaceful amble with lovely water views, with added sound therapy from the gentle lapping water.

The rest of the trail has a great ambiance too, with tall trees, and bridges.

It is worth adding that the trail is really well marked, with lots of signs and direction boards

Added bonus, we saw a bunch of cute dogs on the trail.

The trail was beautiful even in late November, which is stick season in New England, I am sure it will be even more gorgeous with the summer green.

Here is a recording of my hike on alltrails :

If you have explored this trail in other seasons (or even in the same season), I would love to hear your thoughts!

PS : I found this cool interactive map online, which you can check out :