I had been peeking at the Crow Hill Ledges trail on my hiking app for many moons, so the weekend before last, I finally decided to go for it. This trail is in Leominster State Forest. I arrived a little late in the afternoon, around 3 pm, and luckily there were a couple of empty spots in the almost full parking lot. The trail started off as a lovely walk in the green and gold sunlight dappled forest.

Golden Forest

After about half a mile though, it turned abruptly into a heap of rocks and boulders, which required some “fun” scrambling.

Rocky Trail

Making my way up using all of my limbs, I paused on the way to take a picture of these pretty flowers popping from in between the rocks.

Mountain Laurels

Another cool part of this trail is the climbers you see, making their way up the ledges.

Random Climber

After the short scramble, I reached the top of the ledges. There is a lovely view, green and blue. You can see Mount Wachusett in the distance on the right.

What a view…

After taking in my fill of the view, I started my way back. There were some more nice views on the way back.

Another look at Mt Wachusett
Different view of the green and blue

There are a lot of options to extend your hike in the forest, if you are so inclined. I was a bit low on energy, also regretting not bringing along my hiking poles. So I made the hike short and headed back.

Got another nice view of the big rocks on the way back.

Grand Rock.

My total was 2.1 miles, 390 feet elevation gain.

Here is the recording on alltrails for my route :