I explored part of Willowdale Mill Reservation in North Shore MA this last week. Met up with a few friends from the Hikerbabes North Shore group, and off we went into the forest.

Starting out in the gilted green

The good thing about driving to North Shore is, the temperature there is generally a few degrees cooler than South Eastern MA. It was still warm and muggy though, we could see the moisture cover the vegetation like the most delicate bubble wrap.

Can you spot the humidity

The weather was kind of getting to me, so I turned back sooner than my Viking friends, who went on for many more miles. It was still a nice hike, got to see some deer, and ruins of the old mill site, which intersected the landscape in the coolest random places.

Ruins of the mill

The grass here was surprisingly well trimmed, also saw some very cool flowers.

Hey wildflower

I took a loop back along the Ipswich river. Got to see some water views, and the river has a nice cascade at the end.

Cascade on the river

Also, saw some raspberries, which I left behind for the deer.


This is a nice easy going hike, if you are looking for something new, within 45 minutes from Boston. Also nice to check out if you are in the area.

If you have tried out other trails in Bradley Palmer, let me know your favorite!

Here is my alltrails recording from that day :