Noanet Woodlands in Dover, Massachusetts is another nice option for local hiking, if you live in the area. I set off on the trail to Noanet Peak on a warm June evening, which was pleasantly flat and green to start with.

Flat and green

The trail had some signs at the intersections, but they were hard for me to follow, so I mostly used the AllTrails app for guidance. Spotted a few mountain laurels around the start of the trail.

Pretty Flowers

After a very short while though, the easy-footed wide trail turned narrow, and covered with small loose rolling rocks. They were not my favorite, as I almost slipped once or twice. Moving on, you can take small detours to a river or a pond.

Water Views

I took one of the detours, walked along the river for a little bit, and headed back again. Kind of narrow trail here too. Subsequently I made my way up Noanet Peak. I was having one of those days when my body complains a lot climbing uphill, so I chugged along slowly. I saw more than one runner on the trail though. Finally got up to the peak. The peak is all exposed rock, which gives it a neat feel. It has good views, kind of limited though.

On the peak

I headed back after quickly taking in the views, since it was close to sunset. On my way back on one of the narrow trails, I saw a big fat coyote in the distance. It ran away when it saw me though, and luckily in the opposite direction to the parking lot. The viewing made me speed up though, and I beat it back to the parking lot.

All in all, an interesting hike. Definitely check it out if you are looking for new walks in the area. Also, they have a $5 parking fee.

Here is my recording from AllTrails :