I turned up at Lynn Woods this Saturday afternoon in September, since I was in the mood to explore a new hike, something with not much elevation gain. This reservation in Saugus, MA is definitely worth a visit. It was a nice day which meant lots of crowds, but they have a huge parking lot on Pennybrook road (where I started), which was a life saver. There were a few empty spots when I arrived around 4 pm.

There are a lot of trails here, and many intersections, so if you dislike having a lot of other hikers around, you can hop onto a trail which they don’t get on. It was a pretty interesting loop, with loads of cool pit stops. First one was Dungeon Rock, a cave dug around 1852. You can read about it here : https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/dungeon-rock

The trail leading up to the cave is pretty neat, with some stone stairs

The gist is, it has to do with ghosts and a pirate treasure. Unfortunately I saw neither, and there were too many people around, which probably scared any ghosts away. It was still a neat structure to look at.

View of the cave rocks
Cave door was locked

Moving on, AllTrails has a bunch of marked points of interest on the trail, most of which are impressively huge boulders.

Big Rock

There were a few people “camping” around most of these rocks, so I didn’t linger too long. The trail also has a very cool stone tower.

Stone tower, which I couldn’t get into

Apparently you can get into the tower by appointment (https://northofboston.org/listings/lynn-woods-stone-tower/)

The trail also crosses a marsh at one point. I backtracked when I reached this area, since the trail looked quite muddy and I wanted to avoid being sucked into and eaten by the bog.

Trail through the marsh

Last but not the least, I then headed towards the pond for some gorgeous water views. The trail around the pond too was surprisingly gentle-ish, and not ankle twisting at all (like I have seen around other ponds and lakes).

Beautiful pond views for days

If you have any other interesting info about this area, I would love to hear from you! Here is my AllTrails recording :